players disappointed after spring sports canceled


emma larsch '22, reporter

the coronavirus or covid-19 is canceling school events all over the state. while it may not seem like a big deal to some, it is for some seniors; their last chance to do something they love, like sports that they might not get to do after they graduate. for example, jessica mo, a senior on the soccer team, says that it is upsetting that they only had one practice and was excited to play one last year. 

the cancellation affects more than the seniors; it affects teams as a whole who could have been going to states or championships, and others who did not even get to play their first game of the year. it is also disappointing to players who just started and were looking forward to a new season. it can also be devastating to sports that did not even start and were looking forward to starting, so it overall affects everyone.

“i’ve been looking forward to the season all year and now i don’t get to play,” sophomore and baseball player nick farrell said. he also stated how he feels bad for the seniors who do not get to play their last year. it is also becoming hard for players to train and keep in shape get ready and or stay in shape for the next season. due to all of the gym’s closing and no more workouts provided by schools, it is another challenge players must find a solution to. these are just some of the problems the players will have to face and will hopefully overcome and be ready to play next season.

all in all, we can conclude that practicing social distancing by staying home, trying your best to do whatever you can, and please wash your hands.